Corona and the Jamaican Dilemma

S.C Bailey
3 min readMar 7, 2021

The Numbers don’t lie, with over 20,000 active cases and a death list of over 45o to state that we have a crisis on our hands is moderate. The bed spaces in the main hospitals and clinics are filled to capacity. The Movements of the people of the nation have been restricted to necessities only and the curfews are getting tighter as the days go by. There are a number of movings parts to this scenario as the main ones being the inability of the people to adhere to common guidelines and rules put in place for basic safety, coupled with the fact that the nation’s economy is being crippled because of a lack of diversity and vision. In so many words the government like the people has been exposed as being too simple-minded and dangerously impulsive. Individuals with underlying conditions are being forced to take extra steps to not even have the possibility of catching the virus due to the crumbling structure of our medical system.

For the past month, there has been a dangerously steady rise literally every day and a few fluctuations, however constantly rising. The reaction of the government is to be strict in enforcing the curfew and public education on the virus and the vaccination process underway in many parts of the world as well as in jamaica. A lot of individuals have refused to take the vaccine as there is a complete lack of trust not only from recent unfortunate scenarios but past ones as well which is deserved. The plague of illegal parties has made any steps that were taken towards stability useless, as recently stated the way the government puts all hope in tourism so we have mirrored their limited plans and have found ourselves stuck in a manner of function that ultimately destroys ourselves and our children. The state of the nation before this pandemic hit was not optimal as a matter of fact we have a massive deficit in our budget due to mounting depth helping to cripple the potential of the nation.

The years of wasted opportunity and land in this time of uncertainty have proven to be one of the main moving parts in the twisted operation of my nation. The people in tandem with the government have grown to have no care for their fellow man nor woman or child to the point where children are treated with the same regard as an adult though they can’t perform as adults.

Many of my nation's children have been forced to face real evil and cruelty far too early in their lives and have caused many to have to grow up fast. This has made the nation's population filled with trauma fairly young as many have reproduced before they have even reached full maturity and this attitude is at this point part of our culture if given the choice most individuals would rather leave this nation for another and in some cases never to return. With the Gentrification of my nation underway for a few years now, the future will be interesting as to the type of society that will emerge once we grow the fuck up and set our foundation properly.